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3000+ Dessert Recipes


The fondant is the thing which brings a lot of beauty in dessert cooking – it is the thing used for making sweet figures and shapes, which can be eaten; and which brings our cakes to life. Its recipe was usually hard to find, because it was part of the business for many people; and now is available everywhere. In fact the crazy dessert recipes bring many carefully hidden pastry techniques in our lives and make each of us pastry maker; the pleasure making the doubles the pleasure when eating them!Here is the list of Dessert recipe,Specialty DessertsPie RecipesNut DessertsMousseFruit DessertsFrozen DessertsFrostings and FillingsCustards and PuddingsCrisps and CrumblesCookiesCobblerChocolate DessertsCandyCake RecipesFinishing delicious meal with nice dessert maker brings pleasure in our lives; they are the sweet note in our busy days; hot or cold; chocolate or fruits, or both – we all love them. Cakes, brownies, tiramisu, ice cream and many more can be also made at home, bringing even more pleasure to us and our family. Making great looking and tasty dessert at home is the easiest thin, now; the wide availability of dessert recipes, tutorials and pictures is the way. The tips and advices of the best pastry chefs are available in the entire world; sweets making shows and lessons, also. Sometimes started as a hobby the making desserts become passion of life – that is how many famous Pastry chefs had started; in many cases with recipes shared in the neighborhood or in internet. Of course not everyone has the qualities to make excellent cake on three rows, with sweet figures; but following simple recipes is also way to bring sweet pleasure at homeThe pleasure the dessert brings is related with the influence of the sugar in our bodies; many studies state that eating chocolate for e.g. releases large amount of serotonin in our brain; which is the hormone of the happiness. Of course the variety of the desserts is wide as the people’s taste – which is extremely different for each of us; still the good look and taste are the most important. Making cakes is one very large direction of the pastry and they are our most beloved desserts; the cookies and other small sweets, too; the list of possibilities when talking about desserts is very wideFor sure this App will be the favorite of all the family because you will find a variety of delicious dessert recipes to prepare at any ocassion. From simple to complex but all of them appetizing, tasty and in one place. Cakes, pies, brownies, cookies and more...Try your favorite and surprise family and friends, they`re so delicious that they´ll tempted to eat more than one! Share this app via email or social networks, dessert recipes for free.